The Rattledome, also known as the Dome was the second base of operations established by the Rattleheads following the loss of the Rattlefort. It was built on top of a previously abandoned house and was expanded upwards and outwards.

The Rattledome was destroyed in the Rattle-Hectic Turf War following a series of devestating raids by Gucci's Clan. It was abandoned shortly after and eventually replaced with the Rattle Tower.

History Edit

Following the months after the Battle of the Rattle Fort, Nik and Jay wandered eastwards in search for a new place to build. With the KKK threat gone they decided to build their home only a few miles east of their original home. One night they came across a small two room home with its doors open. From the state of the building it had been left in a hurry. The two decided to use the structure as a base for their future home and work began on expanding the building. During this time they met Vishal and Sean who helped with the building's expansion. Three stories were added along with a sniper nest/chapel that offered the viewer 360 degrees of the surrounding landscape. Despite its size a majority of the space inside the building was left empty which would lead to their advantage later. In July of R.E 10, the maximum extent of the Rattleheads at that time, the building was completed. At that time the Rattleheads received two more members, Oliver and Solomon.

In late July the surrounding territory was claimed by Hectic, a warlord that sought to take over the western territories of the island. The nearby mountain was taken over by Hectic's forces and their base was built. In retaliation the Rattleheads striked them in a raid critically wounding Hectic. In response Hectic ordered one of his ally clans led by Gucci to raid and destroy the Rattleheads. The first Gucci raid ended in stalemate following an intense gunfight. During so Solomon was killed and Oliver critically wounded. A day later Gucci launched a second raid at night overwhelming the Rattledome's defenses. They set the building alight as they entered it in order to confuse their enemies. Seperated inside, Nik and Sean abandoned the structure, being unable to contact Jay and the others and fled to the surrounding mountains.

Although the building had taken serious damage during the fire, much of its structure remained standing. It would later collapse in the approaching winter.