The Iron War was a conflict fought between the Rattleheads and the Iron Mongers over the resource-rich Iron Mountain.

Deprived of valiable metal ore, the Rattleheads launched an early morning assault on the Iron Plateau, a small flat on which most of the Iron Monger's mining equipment is situated. After neutralising the local defenders, the Rattleheads managed to steal nearly 2 tons of metal before the Iron Mongers were able to make a formidable counter-assault.

In the wake of the attack, the Iron Mongers lost the initiative over control of the borderlands and the Sphere Tank, which was used as a crucial source of crude oil for the Monger's mining equipment.

History Edit

Background Edit

In the weeks leading up to the attack, the Iron Mongers clashed with the Rattleheads over control of the Sphere Tank and the borderlands, a flat section of land between the Iron Mountain and the shoreline. The Sphere Tank was a crucial source of oil for both sides.

Depleted of metal, Nik and Jay decided to launch an assault on the Iron Monger's resource rich mining field, rather than scouring the surrounding area in hopes of finding metal.