Welcome to the Rusted Tale WikiaEdit

A wikia to outline the world I created based on the survival video game Rust.

The StoryEdit

On the island of Rustopia, violence is a common factor. Groups of people, known as clans, construct fortresses and live only to kill others and gather supplies. Every now and then a mysterious plane might fly over dropping parcels of loot. In the area known as the Twilight Zone the ruler of Rustopia, the Administrator and his Mods live in desolation making sure nobody ever tries to escape from Rustopia.

Nine years after a cataclysmic war between a grand coalition of clans against the administration of an abusive adminstrator erupted leaving the island's primitive civilization in ruins and its Administrator dead, life has returned to its usual walks of life.

In the western part of Rustopia, Nik and Jay fight for the right to live, scavenging the ruins of former great buildings for little bits of supplies and taking down those who pose as a threat. However after they clash with an extremist terror clan that threatens to drag Rustopia back into war, they learn what it takes to be the leaders of a clan.

Latest activityEdit

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