The Rattle-Hectic Turf War was a series of conflicts between the Rattleheads and an alliance of clans ruled by the warlord Hectic over the western provinces around the main highway.

It began as a series of harrassments by Hectic before escalating into a turf war. Following two devestating raids that left the Rattledome destroyed, the Rattleheads launched a raid on Hectic's secret weapons cache, before defeating Hectic's commander Gucci in the Battle at Radtown.

Following Gucci's defeat Hectic's clan fell into internal disarray and subsequently broke apart. It is unknown what happened to Hectic afterwards.

History Edit

During the construction of the Rattledome around late June, the Rattleheads had made allies with a solo runner named Umbrella who aided them with the construction of the Dome and taught them how to use their weapons better. He also warned them about a new clan that was seeking to control the area.

Nik ran into Hectic a day later before he had become a warlord. Before his rise to power Hectic had resided close to Big Rad and ended up harrassing Nik, nearly killing him before losing track of him. Hectic was put onto the Rattle kill list as a result.

On July 28 Hectic proclaimed himself a warlord and lay claim over the entire western provinces. Only two days before the Assault on Hectic's Base, Umbrella was captured and executed by one of Hectic's allies, Gucci. Before this Umbrella had given the Rattleheads kevlar and the blueprints to a Bolt Action Rifle. Umbrella's death led the Rattleheads to declare war on Hectic. In response to the execution the Rattleheads launched an assault on Hectic's tower where they killed two of his men and wounded Hectic.

Following the assault, Hectic ordered Gucci to destroy the Rattleheads and drive them out of the area. The following day Gucci launched the first raid against the Rattledome, which resulted in a stalemate following an intense gunfight. The next day they launched another raid, this time penetrating the Dome's defences and setting it on fire. During the raids Solomon was killed and the Rattleheads became seperated. The Dome's destruction reassured Hectic as the primary dominating clan in the area.

Following the attack the Rattleheads were seperated. Nik and Sean resided in a small base on the western steppes. Jay had originally been seperated from Oliver but later was reunited with Vishal after he returned to see the ruins of the base in which Vishal was residing in. After deciding to travel south they ran into Nik and Sean on a resource run and decided to lay the foundations of the Rattle Tower on the southern coastline.

Deciding to stop Hectic they discovered his hidden cache of weapons in the Western Mountains. When Hectic's men left to raid elsewhere the Rattleheads launched a sneak attack overwhelming its small contingent of defenses and raided it, stealing guns, ammunition and explosives. Now rearmed, they began searching for Gucci ultimately finding and killing him at the Battle at Radtown. Gucci's death ultimately led to the end of Hectic's hegemonic rule over the westerlands and the end of his clan empire. Hectic's fall from power turned the Rattleheads into a mega clan.