Biographical information
  • Nik
  • Niki
Born R.E -19
Died N/A
Gender Male
Physical description
Height 192 cm
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color blue
Age 28
Clan Alliegance
Affiliated with Rust Confederacy (previously)

The Rattleheads

Occupation Co-founder of The Rattleheads


Residence Rattle Fort (formerly)

Rattledome (formerly)

Rattle Tower (current)

Nik is the co-founder and co-leader of The Rattleheads clan alongside with Jay. He is known for his generally serious demeanour and leader-like personality.

Originally part of the Rust Confederacy, he fought in the Admin Wars. Afterwards he joined forces with Mary and left Hacker Valley, bound for the western provinces where he met Jay. After forming the Rattleheads, he and Jay led the clan into an era of domination.