The Fall of the Rattledome, also known as the Second Gucci Raid was a devestating raid led by Gucci against the Rattleheads amid the ongoing Rattle-Hectic Turf War. The raid led to the fall of the Rattleheads as a dominating clan in the western provinces.

History Edit

Immediately following the Rattledome Firefight, Nik began making plans to abandon the Rattledome for fear that Gucci would return. This plan was rejected by Jay who believed they had the defensive advantage and superior numbers to withstand another assault. In the end they opted to stay and rely on the Rattledome's size and defensive capabilities to deter Gucci. In the previous fight Solomon was critically injured and was placed in the downstairs accomodation to rest.

The following night Gucci and his forces launched their attack using the cover of darkness as a shield. Following another exchange of gunfire Gucci set the Dome on fire in order to maximise chaos. He and Deaf then blew into the downstairs door with a third gunman on the ledge above. After entering the accomodation they found and shot a recovering Solomon, killing him. Nik, Sean and Vishal were trapped upstairs unable to reach Jay and Oliver, who were trapped in the larger space due to the spread of the fire. Left with no alternative, Nik and Sean headed to the top floor and escaped the building via its open windows while Vishal remained inside the building hoping to rescue Jay. As they fled Nik was shot in the shoulder by the third enemy gunman with a bolt action rifle.

Inside the building, Oliver and Jay fought off Gucci and Deaf long enough for them to escape the burning building. In the confusion they became seperated leading Jay to believe that Oliver had been shot and killed.

Nik and Sean returned to the building in the morning following the conclusion of the raid. Although the building had been badly destroyed much of its structure still stood. They managed to recover most of their clothing and medical supplies which were left untouched by the raiders and headed west to the steppes on the other side of the nearby mountain range.