The Battle of the Rattle Fort was a clan raid defense battle between The Rattleheads and the Klu Klux Klan. It took place between January 21-22nd R.E 09

The KKK forces belonging to Viles launched a late evening raid on the Rattle Fort in order to gain more control over the western territories. The battle continued to rage until early morning when Viles was killed by a shotgun shot from Jay. The resulting death broke up the remaining KKK troops ending the battle.

The KKK suffered the most casulties in the battle with the majority of the attackers killed. The Rattleheads suffered only one casualty -Mary.

History Edit

Eager to take out the Rattleheads once and for all, Viles and a team of men headed out to the Rattle Fort in the evening of January 21. Hoping to use nightfall as cover they arrived in the very late evening. Viles sent one of his men out to investigate the house's strengths and weaknesses.

Inside, Mary claimed to hear footsteps outside, despite Nik and Jay's objections. Eager to ease her fears, Nik went outside using the backdoor and found Viles' soldier studying the perimeter. Catching him by surprise, Nik blasted him with his shotgun injuring him. As the soldier fled, Nik gunned him down with his pistol killing him.

Hearing the gunfire, Viles launched the attack and his men surrounded the house. Knowing they were under attack, Nik ordered Mary to barricade the upstairs floor while Nik and Jay remained downstairs using makeshift barricades as cover. Viles' forces blew down the front door and entered the house. The defending suppresive fire slowed the attackers down, and injured one of their soldiers. After a heated exchange of gunfire, Jay and Nik exited the room through the staircase, and used a large piece of unused timber as cover on the top of the staircase. When the attackers entered the staircase, Nik and Jay's combined fire killed one of the enemy.